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What can you power?

LED Light Bulb x 8
4 hr
Fridge Freezer
4 hr
50″ LED TV
4 hr
WiFi Router
4 hr

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HYGE 2.5KW Portable Lithium Inverter

Original price was: R21,999.00.Current price is: R20,899.05.

Estimated delivery date: 15 July to 17 July


– Pure Sinwave AC output lithium-ion battery bank

– Ultra fast AC and solar charger, fully charged in under 1 hour

– Dual inputs: grid and solar

– Built-in battery management system

– Maximum discharge current of 65A


The HYGE Portable Lithium Battery Inverters are the ultimate budget buy for those looking to power basic household appliances during the unwelcomed loadshedding period. With its 2500 cycles, and its industrial grade built in surge protector and ability to connect to solar panels, this product trumps all portable inverters on the market. While other products appear clunky and unappealing to the eye, this products sleek design, 4 output sockets, 2 type A and 2 type C connection points provides customers with something that is not only functional but also easy on the eye.

Inverter Mode:
Rated power: 2500VA/2500W
Battery: 51.2VDC, 30Ah (1536Wh)
AC output: 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 5.2A, 1Φ

AC Charger Mode:
AC Input: 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 16A, 1Φ
DC output: 56VDC, Max. 30A
AC output: 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 10.9A, 1Φ

Solar Charge Mode:
Rated power: 3000W
Nominal operating voltage: 240VDC
MPPT voltage range: 60 ~ 400VDC
Max. solar voltage (VOC): 450VDC
MPPT Current (Isc): 10A
How Long is my warranty?
Inverter warranty will be 2 years and battery warranty will be 5 years from date of invoice.

How much can I power?
The HYGE 2.5KW Portable Lithium Inverter can power: 1 lamp (20W), wi-fi router (10W), fridge (200W), tv (80W), and cellphone charger (5W), gaming console (200W) for over 2 hours.

Can this model run larger appliance?
Yes, the 2.5KW model is able to power your microwave, kettle, airfryer and hairdryer individually.

How many cycles will the product provide?
The product will provide 2500 cycles before degradation of performance in the lithium batteries.

How long will it take to charge to full once flat?
The HYGE 2.5KW Portable Lithium Inverter can be recharged in under 2 hours.
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