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2 year warranty on IP21 Inverters and 5 year warranty on IP65 Inverters.

2-year warranty on 12.8V Lithium Batteries. 

8 year or 4000 cycles at 80% Depth-of-Charge on 48V and 51.2V Lithium Batteries.

12 year product and 25 year performance warranty on all solar panels. 

All installations must meet national standards and have the correctly specified electrical components. All warranties must be registered on the HYGE website.

Images of connections to the product must be provided. All AC and DC combiner boxes must be correctly and clearly labelled. *If Panels are connected – a Picture of Voltage reading from DC Combiner box must be provided* – AC Combiner Box with cover off to see connections – AC Combiner Box with cover on to see labeling and circuit breaker ratings – DC Combiner Box with cover off to see connections – DC Combiner Box with cover on to see labeling and breaker ratings – Certificate of Compliance for installation – Original Purchase Invoice – A video of the full installation with connections showing to ensure everything is is connected to the correct ports.

Yes, an installation guide can be found on our HYGE website.

Please refer to individual product pages. 

Installation pricing can vary based on cable length and the number of panels that you wish to add, and complexity. Installation costs excluding the hardware can range from: R20 000.00 to R30 000.00 These costs include labour, certificate of compliance, cabling and all necessary safety components.

Installation can vary based on complexity, but typically 2 to 3 days. 

All HYGE Inverters are parallelable providing space to increase your inverter capacity later on.

Our batteries are parallelable up to 15 units, allowing you to go from back-up power to off-grid solution.

HYGE aims to provide value and simple solutions to its customers.

If you are someone who is looking for value for their investment and quality at an affordable price, then our products are right for you.

Reach out to one of our specialist consultants to discuss your needs and expectations of the product or system and we can find the best solution for you.

The single-phase inverters are unable to feedback to grid. Only NRS-097 compliant inverters are able to and those are typically R10,000.00 to R15,000.00 more expensive than HYGE inverters. However, the HYGE 12KW and 15KW 3-phase inverters are compliant with NRS-097 regulations and are able to feedback to the grid.

Yes all the inverters are able to be monitored via an online App.

The Portable Lithium Inverters are able to provide customers with value for their money compared to the clunky gel/ lead- acid batteries. The 1.2KW & 2.5KW portable lithium inverters are able to provide 2500 cycles and the 3KW is able to provide 3500 cycles before performance degradation.

Yes you can, however we do not recommend running the inverter if you are going to run a generator. 

Generators operate at different frequencies and can create surges in power that will damage your inverter and lead to a fault that we cannot cover with our warranty.

We recommend changing your generator system to a manual switch if you are to have a generator on your system.

We recommend flipping your change-over switch to “Eskom” and flipping your “Input to inverter circuit breaker” down so that the generator byepasses the inverter and powers your house. This will lead to protection of the system that you have invested in.

Refer to ‘Generator start-up sequence’ under our guides.

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