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What can you power?

Kettle x 2
1 hr
Washing Machine x 2
1 hr
AirFryer x 2
1 hr
Entertainment Area x 4
1 hr

Documents, Certificates & Specs

HYGE 12KW Hybrid 3-phase Inverter


Estimated delivery date: 15 July to 17 July


• IP65 waterproof and dustproof makes the inverter available for various working conditions

• Built-in Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring (App is available)

• 150% unbalanced load support

• User-adjustable charging current

• Reserved communication port for BMS (RS485)

• Configurable AC/PV output usage timer and prioritisation

• Selectable high power charging current

• Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers

• Parallel operation up to 6 units


The HYGE 12KW 3-phase inverter with its 150% unbalanced load support acts as a suitable alternative to that of Sunksynk and Deye. The 150% unbalanced load support allows for a phase to power up to 6KW, removing the burden of ensuring that the phases are fully balanced. This product is perfect for the house that is looking to go off-grid.

PV Input:
Nominal operating voltage: 720Vdc
Vmax PV 1000Vdc
PV input voltage range 320-1000vdc
Voltage range 350~950Vdc
Isc PV 2*26AMPPT

Grid/AC Output:
Nominal output current 17.4A per phase
Power factor range 0.9 lead – 0.9 lag
Maximum power 12000W

AC Input
Maximum input current 40A per phase

Battery voltage range 40~62Vdc
Maximum battery current 300A
How Long is my warranty?
– Warranty period will be 5 years from invoice date if the inverter warranty has been registered within 30 days of purchase.

How much can I power?
• The HYGE 12KW 3-phase inverter is able to power all large household appliances.
– Washing machine (1.5KW)
– Kettle (2KW)
– AirFryer (2KW)
– Microwave (1KW)
– Hair dryer (1,8KW)
– Gaming console / computer (0.45KW)
– Fridges / deepfreezer (0.5KW)
– Geyser (2.5kw)
– Tumble Dryer (3KW)

The machine is able to power:
1 kettle, 1 washing machine, fridges, deep freezer, tv, wi-fi router, geyser, hairdryer, tumble dryer, gaming console / computer and LED lights simultaneously.
You are able to power up the other household appliances but please ensure you do not exceed the maximum inverter capacity.
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