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We will send our qualified technicians to install your package, if you are located in Gauteng.

For those outside of Gauteng, you are welcome to use an installer of your choice.

Based on 5m cable run to DB Board. All installation is based on CoC not older than 6 months and is subject to final site assessment. CoC will be issued for installation.

Gold Load Shedding Package


Estimated delivery date: 15 July to 17 July


Power your whole home and turn your standard geyser into a solar geyser with our Golden Load Shedding Package. Designed for medium to large households, this package will supplement all your electrical usage during the day and allow for battery usage at night for extra electrical cost savings.

The Ganfeng LifePro4 Batteries can provide back-up power for over 7 hours at night.


This package is the ultimate in getting off-grid. The large 11KW capacity allows for multiple large household appliances to be run. In addition to running all your large appliances, the secondary output of the inverter allows for all excess solar generation to be directed to your geyser, turning your geyser into a solar geyser in the process. Now that’s value. The large storage capacity will allow for your house to be run for a certain period of time during the night, reducing your reliance on Eskom and providing enough back-up power to last through load-shedding stress free.

What does the Gold Load Shedding Package include?
The Gold Load Package is the ultimate off-grid solution comprised of a 11KW Hybrid Dual Output inverter, Three 51.2V100Ah LifePo4 batteries, Twelve 545W T1 Mono-Perc Solar Panels, 160A double pole battery disconnect, an AC Combiner box and a DC combiner box specifically designed for the HYGE System.

What can I run with this system?
This powerful package will enable a household to become fully off-grid during the day with all appliances being powered by the sun while simultaneously charging the batteries for load-shedding at night. The secondary output of the 11KW Inverter will allow for any excess solar power to be sent direct to your geyser, essentially turning your home geyser into a solar geyser.
This package can run all major household appliances.

Will this package provide me electrical savings?
Yes, electrical savings can be seen in the first month of installation as all major electrical usage will be powered by your EGing Solar Panels during the day in addition to battery usage in the evening.
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