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We will send our qualified technicians to install your package, if you are located in Gauteng.

For those outside of Gauteng, you are welcome to use an installer of your choice.

Based on 5m cable run to DB Board. All installation is based on CoC not older than 6 months and is subject to final site assessment. CoC will be issued for installation.

Bronze Load Shedding Package


Estimated delivery date: 15 July to 17 July


A simple solution that will provide back-up for power for over 4 hours.

The solution will enable households to power all the appliances in their house during


This simple back-up power solution will have you forgetting about loadshedding in a single day because that is the same amount of time an installation will take. The powerful 5.5KW inverter paired with the 48V100Ah lithium battery is a perfect starting point for those looking to expand their system later on. Clients can parallel an additional inverter allowing for increased flexibility for future planning.

What does the Bronze Load Shedding Package include?
The bronze package is a standard back-up power system. This package has a 5.5KW Hybrid Inverter, 48V100Ah LifePo4 battery, 125A double pole battery disconnect, and an AC combiner box specifically designed for the HYGE system.

What can I run with this system?
This small combination packs a powerful punch. The 5.5KW HYGE Inverter allows for all major household appliances to be run during load-shedding.

Will this package provide me electrical savings?
Unfortunately this package will not provide electrical savings as there are no panels linked to it and is a purely back-up power solution, however, you can add solar panels later on.
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